Manfred Brassler

I come originally from beautiful Bavaria and have been working with watches for 25 years.

I love the independence and self-determination, and especially enjoy the privilege of creating something that comes from a personal inclination.

I started rather late in trusting my creating inclinations. The need to create my own watch brand was also preceded by some missteps. To that extent, I am a bit of a late starter, and self-taught.

I am fascinated by outsiders in their respective areas. Whether the music of Eric Satie or Moussorsky, whose “Pictures of an Exhibition” overturned traditional notions and created something unprecedented. Or in painting, such idiosyncratic characters as Jackson Pollock or Raimund Gierke, who are only today getting the attention they deserve.

I founded MeisterSinger in 2001 when I was 47 years old.

The initial intention behind MeisterSinger was to create a watch – purged and purified, freed of all the layers that had been applied to this instrument of measurement over the decades. A watch just as the first watchmakers of the Renaissance saw it, with a virtually pure, hand-crafted look. A watch that could not be designed more simply was my declared goal.

When we go back to the beginnings of watchmaking in the Middle Ages, something we notice, of course, is that these timepieces – inspired by sundials – were designed with only one hand.

From then on, everything was simple; the basic idea of the single-hand watch determines everything, guides us, and makes us unique.

MeisterSinger has been growing year by year since its founding 17 years ago. MeisterSinger is independent and a business success; I’m very happy about that. Above all because it was a difficult start; for four years, I was a lone warrior, going from jeweler to jeweler, from trade fair to trade fair, and the outcome was far from certain.

My domain in the company from the very beginning was the design of the watches. That still has not changed to this day. We do not have a complete design department or design agency; I draw and design the complete product range and then subject myself to the criticism of my colleagues.

Unlike the early years when MeisterSinger was a one man show, I now have a competent and enthusiastic team whom I trust through and through; I enjoy that.

Münster is Germany’s most well known bicycle city; so cars don’t play such a big role here or for me. No car was more exciting to me than my first car: an Opel Kadett. Today I am hardly interested in cars at all. I think racing is silly. Even so: I do have a car, an Audi.

In the coming years, I want to devote myself more to my hobbies. Doing ink drawings is already a great passion. In the coming years, I want to move more toward large formats in oil or acrylic.

I have always been enthusiastic about music, and what fascinates me most is the act of composing. I imagine investing a lot more time in classical composition. At the same time, perhaps, studying at the conservatory in my old age; next year, at 65, I will reach the official retirement age in Germany. But for the time being, though, the single-hand watches are still at the very top of my list.